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ML2 Hair Design
Houston, TX
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MingLi II Hair Design Store Front next to supermarket

ML2 Hair Design was found in 2001 with Mingli, the Master Art Director, in the hair business since he was 16 majoring in Cosmetology in Taiwan.  He worked for several famous hair salons like Fae House and Charlie's Hair Salon before he came to United States. 
Mingli was the first in Houston doing Japanese Thermal Straightening, the special technique to a silky, easy to manage, beautiful straight hair.  The technique was originally invented in Japan and was quickly spread over Asia because of its overwhelming popularity.  With his brother, Paul, co-owned four salons in Taiwan, Mingli goes to Taiwan and Japan every year to bring back the most up-to-date techniques and knowledge for our clients. 
The latest Digital Wave Perm by using the ceramic machines with hot rods was brought to our clients creating custom body wave and high volume spirals and sexy look. ML2 mission is Beautiful Hair Outside In, which reverse the traditional inside out and which means a beautiful hair outside will make our heart inside even more generous, kind, and beautiful. 






Now the salon has four locations -

  • ML2 Hair Design inside of Dun Huang Plaza

  • Ming-Li Hair Design at 99 Ranch Supermarket at I-10

  • 22 Hair Salon at the Golden Sterling Plaza

  • Focus Hair Design inside of HEB at Blackhawk Blvd. (close to Pearland). 

Web Site: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ML2-Hair-Design/84561713592
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Phone: 713-270-8540 Address:
Fax: 9889 Bellaire Blvd. #C320
Houston, TX  77036
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