A Tour Through Chinatown’s Dun Huang Plaza


There are a handful of special places in this city that make you stop and ask yourself: “Am I still in Texas?” Dun Huang Plaza is one of those places.

The booming shopping center at the intersection of Sam Houston Tollway and Bellaire has become the hottest place in town for Asian dining, shopping, and self-care. With what seems like 100 businesses, nearly all of them immigrant-owned, Dun Huang is the new cultural and culinary heartbeat of Houston’s Chinatown.

Suffice if to say, a single day is not enough time to properly explore every worthwhile locale in this endless double-decker strip mall. The long rows of storefronts and hectic weekend foot traffic can be a intimidating to the uninitiated, particularly those of us who can’t read Mandarin, Korean, or Vietnamese. With a little help from Yelp and Instagram, you can do some quick recon on the musts and the busts, but a little blind exploring never hurt anyone.

The following is a tour of some of Dun Huang Plaza’s most raved about, underrated, and interesting businesses, in the humble opinion of this author. Consider this a good starting point to your future love affair with this sprawling bazaar of Asian delights, but by no means a comprehensive report.


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